UKWSL Shortlisted for the Global Good Awards: Circular economy

Project highlights include :

• Marston’s PLC are the first of the big 5 pub chains to achieve “Zero Landfill” status.

• Increasing recycling rates across the Marston’s estate from circa 65% in Aug 2016 to circa 80% by Dec 18.

• Self Supply Licence granted for water and waste water services. Marston’s PLC are the third company in the UK to be granted this licence designed to drive efficiency and
cost whilst working to reduce consumption.

• Year on Year reduction in CO2e tonnes per £100K (turnover)

Over the past 2yrs UKWSL and Marston’s have worked together to improve recycling across Marston’s managed and retail estate encompassing circa 1,000 sites.  Changing service specifications, engaging staff and creating a recycling led culture has been pivotal to the project’s success.  Added to this, UKWSL has utilised the services of more than 100 suppliers in order to deliver a “Zero Landfill” solution for Marston’s.

They are the first of the Big 5 chains to achieve this fantastic goal.  Closed Loop solutions for plastics and some glass have also been implemented helping bring together the waste hierarchy and circular economy principles.


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