UKWSL attending the Green Apple Environment Awards

UKWSL will be attending the Green Apple Environment Awards on Monday 25th November 2019.  These awards recognise, reward and promote environmental best practice around the world.  UKWSL will be attending with both Marston’s PLC and Harry Ramsden’s who will be collecting awards for Environmental Best Practice. 

Here are some of the key reason’s that made Marston’s stand out from the competition:

• 99.27% landfill diversion

• 99% of sites segregating glass bottles and jars

• 98% of sites segregating Dry Mixed Recyclables

• 82% of food led sites segregating food waste

1031 sites, 14,500 employees, and the local economies of the 105 service partners collecting all materials across the UK felt the environmental and economic benefits associated with mobilising a zero landfill, recycling led solution.

Harry Ramsden’s commitment to “Protecting Tomorrow – Today” shines a spotlight on their success in the casual dining sector.  Stand out statistics include:

• 78% landfill decreased to just ¼ %

• 22% recycling increased to 77%

• 20% waste budget decrease by embracing the need for change and the benefits of source segregation

This project was undertaken as Harry Ramsden recognised that as the estate evolved, waste management and environmental best practise lacked focus as solutions in place didn’t live up to their ethos to take sustainable sourcing very seriously.  It is well documented that the casual dining sector has faced significant challenges over the past few years and this project was designed to help reduce cost, mitigate against price increases and maximise Harry Ramsden’s environmental credentials.

Katie Lawson – Corporate Account Manager “UKWSL are incredibly proud to have partnered with both Marston’s and Harry Ramsden’s.  I believe that their hard work and commitment to minimising the impact their actions have on the environment is the reason they have both won awards”.