The Hub and MI

UKWSL operate a bespoke in house operational system called ‘The Hub’. This enables full control and visibility of all service related information. ‘The Hub’ is an online portal which provides our clients with remote access to facilitate clear sight and control a full suite of reports including service success, call logs, waste tracker and recycling and landfill diversion information. ‘The Hub’ also holds vital documentation for all aspects of our client’s services including waste transfer notes and duty of care documentation.

‘The Hub’ is accessible on both handheld and desktop devices. Using this system, new collections can be requested and tracked while compliance information can be easily checked and downloaded. New service demand trends can also be observed in real-time across dashboard reports and site managers can plan changes to services in advance.

‘The Hub’ is designed to be intuitive and easily navigated on first sight. This aside, we will provide full live training to site managers and key staff via webinars and also provide stored video tutorials for quick reference. This training programme will be delivered by our Hub Training Officer, Val Nicol.

Operational Management

UKWSL provide a designated helpdesk team to manage the day to day support for all enquiries and escalations. In addition to handling all inbound client requests and supplier updates, they monitor Call Log and Service Success metrics. This ensures we maintain the optimum levels of service adherence to meet both standard and contract specific objectives.

All incoming calls are logged on The Hub and displayed on wall monitors for the helpdesk and management team to view. This highlights the number of incoming calls, time taken to answer and resolution time. This provides the management team with a clear visual identification of the team’s performance at all times.

Upon receipt of any service failure or query, the customer service team logs this on ‘The Hub’ as a call log and manages a resolution within the designated timeframe. All call logs are issued with a reason code until resolution which highlights how customer services direct their line of investigation. Once a resolution is reached the client is informed as to the outcome and the query is closed.

We track all SLA and KPI related data via call logs which are raised on ‘The Hub’ either directly by the client or by our internal Customer Service helpdesk. This is done by our team whether the notification was received by phone, email will log this information.

Both daily call log and service success reports are generated and are visible to the customer through ‘The Hub’. It is UKWSL’s objective to ensure that our client is entirely satisfied with all aspects of the service we provide and that we constantly aim to improve and innovate as a business.