Delivering your objectives

As a leading waste management broker and founder of the Waste Management Brokers Association (WMBA), we stand at the forefront of best practice in the industry.

We are uniquely placed to build an account management service and supply chain solution that delivers all client objectives using our powerful operational management system, ‘The Hub’. This is achieved using our industry leading approach to:

  1. Selecting the most effective contractors for each waste stream, service and site
  2. Applying our industry knowledge to implement the waste hierarchy
  3. Optimising collection methodology for efficiency and contingency
  4. Training and developing staff, contractors and service users to perform as part of the optimised solution

In order to fully understand and deliver your objectives at all levels in our business, we log all contractual service requirements within a document we refer to as the Waste Management Action Plan (Waste MAP). By centralising all service level agreements, KPI’s, compliance standards, environmental objectives and wider goals, we ensure each of our teams has sight of and access to the information that will guide their approach, prioritisation of tasks and performance targets. In this way, we ensure each part of our business meets or exceeds your expectations.

Taking the time to understand your needs and objectives allows us to plan and deliver a solution built to succeed. Of course, we ensure that the solution is also delivered in a manner which meets your regulatory, statutory and social responsibilities. This is principally delivered by ‘right-sizing’ your requirements using waste composition audits, sustainability awareness questionnaires and selection control to map the best suppliers and end destinations for each site.

Following our philosophy to build a service around each client, we have achieved some of the most significant improvements in the UK by identifying and implementing better waste management protocol. This includes optimising the way waste is stored and collected to adapting how it is treated, re-used, recycled or recovered as a resource.

In as little as 9 months, we have transformed contracts and delivered substantial cost and environmental benefits.  Primarily, this is done by combining detailed insights from audits with greater transparency and control, arising from ‘The Hub’. Upon this platform, Account Managers then plan and deliver continuous improvement in line with your Waste Management Action Plan (Waste MAP. This considers everything from collection optimisation, to waste hierarchy innovation and circular economies.