Static Compactors

Our range of static compactor waste handling equipment provides solutions for high volume output with variable specification options to ensure we provide a solution to meet the sites requirements. The smallest static compactor has a charge area of 1.3 cu yd (1 cu.m) with a cycle time of 44 seconds, and our largest compactor which has a charge area of 2.86 cy yd (2.2 cu.m) and cycle time of 65 seconds. They achieve a compaction ratio of between 4 and 6:1 on a wide selection of waste materials. Our static compactors can be loaded through hand loading, bin tipper or conveyor dependant on the sites requirements.

Static compactors are best utilised with dry waste. You can use varies bin sizes on our static compactors, with the most common sizes being:

  • 14yd (10.7m) compactor skip
  • 35yd (26.8m) compactor roll on/off

Static Compactor

Portable Compactors

Our range of portable skip and roll on/off compactor waste handling equipment minimises waste collection costs. Our standard size portable compactors are a 14yd (10.7m) skip compactor or 32yd (26.8m) roll on/off compactor which can be loaded either by hand loading or a bin tipper. They achieve a compaction ratio of between 4 and 6:1 on a wide selection of waste materials.

Portable compactors are best utilised for general and food waste where a sealed unit is required for hygiene reasons, or space at site is restricted. Our portable compactors can be specified to a variety of build size, our standard size portable compactors:

  • 14yd (10.7m3) portable skip
  • 32yd (24.5m3) portable roll on/off

Portable 1000 Twin Compactor

Portable 2000 Twin Compactor

Rotokrusher Compactors

Our range of Rotokrush compaction waste handling equipment provides our customer with the ability to load containers up to 50 cubic yd with bulky materials such as packing cases, pallets, wood and other industrial and medium density waste materials whilst achieving compaction ratios on average of 4:1.

Rotokrusher Compactor

Wheelie Bin Compactors

Our range of wheelie bin compactors are ideal for those who have limited capacity for wheelie bin storage or have limited collection availability. Wheelie bin compactors reduce waste volumes by up to 75%, preventing containers from overflowing and therefore mitigating safety risks.

Wheelie Bin Compactor