Waste Handling Equipment Accessories & Consumables

UKWSL Equip provides a quick, convenient one-stop-shop for all your accessory and consumable requirements. To support our range waste handling equipment of balers and compactors, UKWSL offer a full selection of quality baling wire and accessories.

  • Bin tipper: Primarily designed to lift and tip two or four wheelie bin waste containers. These units can vary from a simple hydraulic tippler intended to discharge contents into a conveyor hopper or to a unit designed to tip at a specific height to feed a larger container or hopper
  • Baling Twine available in three different gauges: 9mm x 500 metre spool, 13mm x 500 metre spool and 19mm x 200 metre spool. All three can be used on baling machines subject to machine type and application
  • Bale Tool: The bale tool is used for retrieving the bale wire
  • Bale Sword: The Bale Sword is used to clear the wire slots
  • Baling Wire: Coiled Baling Wire Coiled baling wire for tying up bales of waste
  • Cut & Looped Baling Wire Special size wire used for tying up bales of waste
  • Bale Trolley: Designed specifically for transporting heavy baled waste
    2 & 4 Wheelie Bins: UKWSL Equip can provide a full range of 2 or 4 wheeled bins certified according to EN840 and ready to be customised with optional extras. Wheelied bins are available in a variety of colours including black, grey, green, brown, yellow, red and blue with other colours available. Replacement and spare parts are available for our range of bins
  • Wheelie bins available in the following sizes: 240L, 360L, 660L, 770L and 1100L
  • Wheelie Bin Optional Extras: 2 Wheel – mechanical lid opening, locking device, various recycling apertures. 4 Wheel – towing kits, lid lock, heavy duty castors, non-marking tyres, fork-lift pockets, drop fronts, various recycling apertures.