Let’s Get Creative!


The importance of training and education in the waste industry.

Creativity and innovative thinking is encouraged to come up with the best solutions possible for each client.

A great example of how this training has delivered improvements is our work with one of the largest care home groups in the industry. Initially we analysed the client’s current waste services to obtain information to use to find a more environmental approach to their waste disposal.

Since taking over the account in September, we have boosted their trade recycling waste levels from 22% to 40% with a target of increasing this to 50% by the end of the first contractual year. They have also seen an impressive reduction in their waste management costs.

Everyone loves a win win situation. Less money more environmentally friendly waste disposal. Training our staff is the foundation of innovative solutions to client’s problems and is a continuously developing program that we at UKWSL are all very excited for.

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Chris Giscombe
Company Director and Founder of UKWSL

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