Coronavirus Action Update 3

Like everybody, we’ve been watching on as the coronavirus spreads across the country. 

We’ve been listening and heeding the advice, asking remote based workers not to come to the offices as they all have the tech enabling them to work from home. That’s great, but that only covered about 20% of the UKWSL family.

Over the past month we’ve been looking at what we can do to help protect every UKWSL employee. Regardless of the risks and realities of a downturn in our economy, we’ve taken the decision to increase investment in our IT infrastructure.

Government guidelines are clear, “businesses and workplaces should encourage their employees to work from home, wherever possible”. With the investment and upgrades to our systems, we’ve made that possible. Every employee is now working from home, they have been since March 23rd and they will be for the foreseeable future.

Communication is the key for successfully working from home. It’s about keeping in touch with the team, not missing out on the social interaction of a lunch break or the chat next to the photocopier.  We’re encouraging our teams to keep in touch with each other every day.

Importantly, we remain committed to maintaining a healthy mind & body philosophy. So here’s a few of our top tips

• Learn as much as you can about the virus and be aware of normal reactions during the pandemic.

• Keep your usual routine, as much as possible.

• Keep your living space comfortable

• Sleep, try to get some exercise, eat right and importantly, take some time to relax.

• Apps like ‘house party’ mean you can have a laugh with friends and family, over a few drinks and a bit of friendly competition.

As far as our customers and service partners are concerned, it’s business as usual. Our customer service call centre, finance teams, SHEQ and everybody else, can still be contacted on the usual phone numbers and email addresses.

In order for our economy to bounce back as quickly as possible, it’s vitally important that we all “stay home, protect our NHS and save lives”. UKWSL and all of our employees are proud to be able to contribute to the fight against coronavirus.