Reaping the benefits of an outsource model

UKWSL’s customer is one of Britain’s leading property and facilities management providers. They offer their clients Facilities Management, Software Solutions and Property Services across a variety of sectors including: Corporate, Retail and Leisure, Education, Healthcare, Local Authority and Not for Profit (Charities, Religious Organisations).

Our Customers corporate social responsibilities are interwoven within their operational processes. This is fundamental to ensuring they impact positively on the communities where they work and develop both national and local sustainability agendas. In late 2017, our customer decided to step away from their relationship with their core waste contractor who operated a self-delivery model. Having listened to UKWSL about our vision and values, they decided that UKWSL were best placed to help them achieve their environmental and financial goals.

Reducing waste to landfill

Within a little over 6 months of starting our relationship, UKWSL had supported the customer in achieving an impressive 98% landfill diversion rate. Together we remain focused and committed to driving towards our goal of ‘zero landfill’. Emphasis on the waste hierarchy and the need to maximise recycling and improve segregation, will see them continue to climb the pyramid still further. UKWSL will continue to support them in the public services sector locations which span the length of the country, from Dundee to Dorset. The benefits of the UKWSL outsource model means direct engagement with local suppliers and diverting waste away from landfill can be achieved in a very short time span.

Reducing Costs

UKWSL began working with the customer by providing waste collection services to 13 sites. Collection services covered the full range of waste types: General, Mixed Recycling, Clinical, Food, Confidential and Glass.

From the outset, UKWSL focused on 3 key areas when undertaking our bespoke auditing programme:

Minimising the cost per cubic meter by ensuring the most suitable containers are placed on site

Rationalising services by benchmarking total waste generated versus another metric, such as the number of staff on site

Optimising container solutions to ensure all recyclable material is placed in the relevant containers

Within the first year of our relationship, UKWSL were able to find solutions that delivered savings of approximately 15%. Not only that, our solutions are designed to maximise environmental benefit as well as financial benefit to the client. As one of the leaders in their sector, our customer’s annual spend on waste collections is a significant sum of money. Delivering savings as UWKSL has, our customer is able to pass on these cost reductions directly to their clients. These carefully-crafted programmes are not just about short-term wins, they regularly review financial impacts, mitigating against future increases.

‘Value for Money’

When UKWSL talks about ‘value for money’, we mean that best value is defined as the most advantageous combination of cost, quality and sustainability to meet customer requirements.

Cost – we consider the whole life cost, it’s not simply about the unit price

Quality – we design a specification which is fit for purpose and meets the customer’s requirements at each working site

Sustainability – we strive to bring economic, social and environmental benefits to all our clients

Our partnership approach to all our customers is one of the key factors that differentiates us from others in the market. The emphasis we place upon the waste hierarchy, means that UKWSL aims to continuously improve processes to support not only recycling and recovery options, but also solutions to reduce and reuse waste to give it a second life. UKWSL’s proven model for success can be replicated with other clients in the facilities management sector.