Making waste work

In 2015 UKWSL was awarded the contract to provide waste collection services at 61 establishments throughout Britain. This estate provides many complex service challenges ranging from access and security to managing both the expectations of the end user as well as the facilities management provider. The most significant challenge in the award of this contract was the 4 week mobilisation timeline.

Given the timeframe involved and the distinct lack of information available, the interim solution and actions were to ensure that the current suppliers remained in situ, safeguarding continuity of services. Once the initial mobilisation process had been completed UKWSL undertook a full review of all services and service providers. The purpose was to ensure that UKWSL provides the most cost effective and innovative solutions that meet the needs of each site. Following extensive site audits and service partner reviews UKWSL were able to recommend changes that deliver £498K of annualised savings to the customer.

The benefits of the outsourced delivery model

UKWSL operates an outsource business model as opposed to the traditional self-delivery model. What makes us proud is our ability to optimise and add value to the services received by our customers. Not owning bins, trucks and facilities provides us with the flexibility to source the highest quality and best-fit service providers for our customers. We are very conscious that a lot of innovation happens in the smaller regional businesses. We are focused on bringing the best of this to our customers. UKWSL has a track record of engagement with our service partners to deliver operational success, landfill diversion and improved recycling rates that exceed customer expectations.

The benefit of the outsource model is that UKWSL can work with service partners to deliver the highest quality of service in each part of the country. We are not limited by our own operational capability. UKWSL works with multiple service partners in all key towns and cities across the UK. By doing so, we can operate on a three strikes rule. If a service partner provides a level of service that does not meet our needs we will work with them to resolve issues. Where a suitable resolution cannot be found, UKWSL will engage with alternate service partners. This is done so that our customers always receive the best service levels possible.

Once the specification for services had been agreed, UKWSL engaged with service partners to mobilise optimised waste solutions. Key stakeholders were all issued GANTT chart mobilisation plan which tracked changes, actions and responsibilities. This shared communication ensured minimal impact on sites during transition.

Bespoke Management Information

UKWSL engages with an average of 112 service partners to ensure that we meet the complex service needs of the customer.

Over the past 12 months the collection success rate for “on-time” services has averaged 98%. Most contractors report service success by including missed collections recovered within an agreed number of days. For UKWSL, service success is about being “on-time”.

Through engagement with our service partners we are able to capture a plethora of information in order to provide our customers with bespoke consolidated reports. UKWSL provides data to the customer showing service success with commentary on trends, issues and actions. We also provide reports showing the impact ad-hoc services have both financially and environmentally. Reports also show savings being tracked against an agreed baseline budget. Most importantly, we provide a report which demonstrates the tonnage by waste stream by site and includes information regarding the diversion from landfill. A cloud was also created for file sharing purposes. UKWSL service partners load copies of ad-hoc collection tickets, waste transfer notes, hazardous waste consignment notes etc into the cloud so that the site always have the information they need.

UKWSL also creates consolidated invoicing. We provide a full information pack to the customer for approval. Once approved, a one line invoice is created and released to the customer for payment. Addressing queries before releasing the actual invoice avoids the need for the customer to accrue costs whilst UKWSL deals with and resolves the issue.

Services Provided

UKWSL provides a total waste management solution which encompasses various waste streams and service solutions such as the following:

Trade waste / Skips / RoRo work

• Compactor / Baler provision

• WEEE clearances

• Fluorescent tubes disposal

• Contaminated mattresses / clothing disposal

• Hazardous waste disposal

• Animal faeces

• Cleaning

• Clinical waste

• Confidential data destruction

By January 2016 UKWSL had already achieved a landfill diversion rate of 89%. This meant that just over 1,300 tonnes of material was being recovered or recycled each month. UKWSL’s vision and commitment means that we are always reviewing services to seek continuous improvements. 89% landfill diversion would be enough for most suppliers and customers. However, UKWSL is proud that we are able to challenge this culture and invert the waste hierarchy.

In January 2020 UKWSL delivered 98% recycling and recovery & 2% landfill. Year on year UKWSL has managed more material overall. Whilst this has presented challenges, UKWSL has managed to consistently increase the diversion rate. The result was that circa 2,000 tonnes of material was diverted from landfill in a single month.