Our Network

Collection Services

Providing the ‘wheels’ element, collection partners provide a fleet of approved specialist vehicles. By harnessing over 500+ partners, we can mobilise every possible container type and collection method available.

Treatment Services

Providing the tipping and treatment destination, waste will be processed by partners possessing material reconditioning, recycling or recovery facilities to be converted into a usable resource. Once treated and compliant to exacting quality standards, this product is then redirected to re-use, recycling or recovery markets.

Final Markets

Our wide array of final markets covers all elements of the waste hierarchy:

  • Re-use – Partners include charities, public and private resellers who prepare reusable products in good condition for resale. To be viable, re-usable products must be kept and collected in a safe storage shielded from weather and damage.
    Commonly: Electrical Goods, Furniture
  • Recycle – Partners include both UK and international manufacturers who purchase the products as alternatives to virgin resources for the production of new goods or materials.
    Commonly: Paper, Cardboard, Metals, Plastics, Wood
  • Recovery – Partners include Incinerators, Anaerobic Digestion Facilities and Biomass Plants who use waste products that can be easily burnt or chemically altered in order to extract energy for electricity or heating outputs.
    Commonly: Food, Chipped Wood Pellets, Refuse Derived Fuel, Solid Recovered Fuel