The UKWSL model makes us really proud, as a brokerage, it is our ability to optimise and add value to the services received by our clients.

Not owning any bins, trucks or facilities provides us with the flexibility to source the highest quality and best-fit service provider for each individual client. As a broker we have the ability to tap into the entire UK infrastructure of waste management facilities. At UKWSL we are very conscious that a lot of innovation happens in the smaller regional businesses (they have to innovate to survive) and we are focused on bringing the best of this to our clients.

The opportunities to add value are not limited to service provision or processing technology. Data, information and education have become increasingly important requirements for our customers when looking for opportunities to improve the way they manage, develop and report on their investment in waste and recycling services.

For those who continue to have concerns around the commercial viability of working with brokers, it is no different to any number of other sectors that utilise multiple sales channels often incorporating third parties or agents in addition to their own direct sales.

The ability of businesses like UKWSL to work with such high profile and highly regarded brands such as Roadchef, Network Rail or Marstons demonstrates that the client’s focus on finding the right partner to deliver an innovative cost-effective service.

Our model is summarised below, please contact us to find out more!

Working with local and regional Partners every day of the week

Solutions locally, delivered nationally

Selection & control of partner excellence

Contingency always in place

500+ approved & vetted contractors

Largest Infrastructure of Landfill Diversion Facilities to tap into

Driving Zero waste to Landfill
Increasing Recycling / Recovery to reducing cost / Increasing commodity value

Culture of going the “Extra Mile”

Supporting local SME / Creating jobs / Waste travelling less distance