Partner Benefits

UKWSL is a leading provider of outsourced waste management solutions to over 1100 local, regional and national customers.

In the course of managing its business in the UK, UKWSL spends millions per annum with third-party suppliers and contractors on a vast variety of services including recycling commodities, waste management solutions, commercial disposal outlets.

UKWSL Supplier benefits include:

• Working with a professional company that have developed the principles of the outsourced waste management model through the WMBA and created the Code of Practice.

• A platform for business growth by promoting your company and its services to key decision makers.

• Professionalism of Broker and Supply Chain relationship, standardised Way of Working with fast payment terms.

• Expand your knowledge and enhance your teams with our CIWM industry leading Approved courses. Discounts will be available for Suppliers.

• PR Opportunities can be gained from stories generated by UKWSL as well as valuable content for your social media activities.

If you would like to become a supplier to UKWSL, please contact us on 01636 640744, or email