Our founders proudly created a culture of openness, collaboration, transparency and fun. A “different kind of corporate” is the way that they describe it. Having a unique culture that ensures our customers and our people are at the forefront in everything that we do creates a happy productive environment. We embrace change and are not afraid to try and learn from new and innovative approaches to work.

The process begins with employing people who fit our culture and reflect similar values. We share our strategy and priorities with everyone throughout the business, via monthly business update meetings delivered by our Directors. “Staff Ambassador” clinics provide the opportunity to regularly discuss, inform and seek feedback on business decisions and direction.

Talent Management & Development is a crucial part of our culture. Our “People”
department are actively developing forward thinking programs such as “Future Leaders” at both foundation and advanced levels and are proud to have recently achieved Investors in People status. At any given moment a minimum of 90% of our team will have taken and passed the CIWM Wastesmart program.

Taking responsibility as a corporate citizen is very serious to us and through a Sustainability Steering Committee we consider carefully the actions we take and how they might impact the environment, workplace, customers and suppliers.

Clear and open dialogue with Customers and Suppliers alike is a priority for us. The recent introduction of our insights program allows interaction through surveys, face to face meetings and telephone conversations, so that we can gather factual information in relation to our performance and innovation and then act upon it.

Celebrating and sharing successes and staff achievements is the norm here at UKWSL. We do this through our Champions schemes, Big Ideas and via our Company Newsletter “The Word”