Anthony Allen

Anthony has helped many of this country’s leading brands including: Burton Group, Triumph International, British Airways, Puma, Canon UK, Network Rail, Taylor’s of Harrogate etc. Formulating and delivering marketing strategies that have contributed to make them the forces that they are today.

In 1989 Anthony founded Hill Meyer Allen along with his then partners Robert Hill and Carol Meyer. During 2003 he bought out the interests of his remaining partner and created Allen Design team. Over the years Anthony’s clients have given him many accolades including: “The best Strategist I have worked with” And there have been many awards: Purple Apple, PiP’, Dadi, EGI, RAR recognition for strategy, creativity etc.

One of Anthony’s proudest achievements has been the creation of ‘Absolute Branding’™, a marketing system that encompasses 4 modules: Insight, Define, Engage and Manage.

His collaboration with UKWSL has been a culmination of all his skills to help take the company to the next stage of its exciting journey.