WasteSmart Advanced

For people who manage or implement change by setting the direction, procedures and culture for sustainable resource use in their organisation.
The Advanced course can only be taken as a classroom-based course and covers the following modules:

  • How to identify opportunities to reduce waste in the workplace: Waste Auditing
  • Managing resources and wastes in the workplace
  • How to demonstrate improvements

You can opt to do both the Foundation and Advanced levels together as a one-day classroom course.

WasteSmart Bridging Module

If you have previously completed the Foundation level course you also have the option of completing the Advanced level through the WasteSmart Bridging Module (classroom-based course). This includes a refresher and an update on any changes in legislation from the WasteSmart Foundation modules.

For further information or to book a course email wastesmart@ukwsl.co.uk or call 01636 640744.

WasteSmart Scotland
WasteSmart is also available as a Scottish version and includes relevant legislation and practical case-studies relating specifically to Scotland.