Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. UKWSL are committed to investing in innovation at every level of our operation so that we can bring fresh ideas and technological advancement to our clients. The ability to review data to establish best practice is a key tool that will be utilised by our Account Managers. Best practice often exists within a business but isn’t shared. Our ability to identify and share these solutions can have a significant impact on overall recycling levels. UKWSL will call upon its knowledge of your sector to seek best practice outside of your business. Sharing solutions throughout your industry will ensure long term benefits to the environment.

Innovation is often found through continuous improvement. Your account manager will apply a 6-sigma process known as DMAIC to manage projects that aim to change processes and working cultures within your business.

  • Define. Define the problem, improvement activity, opportunity for improvement, project goals, customer requirements.
  • Measure. This is the data collection step. Decide what to measure and how.
  • Analyse. Analyse the data collected in the “measure” step to determine the root cause of poor performance. Determine if the process can be improved or redesigned.
  • Improve. Identify creative solutions to improve the process by attacking the root cause.
  • Control. Monitor the improvement for an agreed period of time to ensure continuous success.

This structured process is underpinned by the principle of partnership. UKWSL aims to provide recommendations for change that leave a lasting impact on your business and create new working cultures. Our focus is to change waste management behaviour as we improve segregation of materials at the point of their production.