What We Do

Waste Management Services in our world your waste is a future resource – not a problem waiting to be buried!

Our comprehensive range of recycling and recovery services to businesses includes processing of common materials such as Paper, Cardboard, Glass, Metal, Plastics, Cans, Wood as well as many other more specialist and rarer kinds of waste.

Most businesses typically produce a number of different waste streams that can be recycled or recovered, often producing savings directly or indirectly.

The benefits include:

• Greener credentials for the user
• Reduced costs compared to general waste
• Carbon Emissions Savings
• Increased recycling rates
• Landfill Diversion

For small volume producers we offer a Dry Mixed Recycling Service – Dry recyclables is the modern description of waste that is free from contaminants such as construction material, food or garden waste, leaving clean materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and drinks cans to be sorted and recycled in the one container. All sorted material is sent to approved re-processors in the UK for recycling into fresh new and recycled products.

For large producers of recycling material there are usually rebates available, dependent on how the material is presented i.e. in Mill Size Baled format (Cardboard and Plastics) – We handle it all, from collection of the material, sending to licenced mills and paying the rebate to our customers – Typical rebates (Cardboard – £80-£90 per tonne / Plastics £250-£300 per tonne) – All rebates are dependent on market rates.

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