About Us

Everyone claims to be DIFFERENT, we are! Yes, we do all of the things that you would expect from a company like ours


Here’s the difference we bring new ways to solve old challenges and it works!

We are very proud of our brokerage model and the prize of flexibility it brings to our customers. Filling lorries is not our priority; instead we get our kicks from finding creative methods of recycling and generally reducing waste. We start from a position of delighting in seeing just how much we can save our customers it’s our thing, our passion.

If this strikes a chord in you I suggest you read on, if not maybe we’re not for you!


Number 1 Waste Management Broker

Number 1 as measured by waste industry statistics, client base, turnover and profit.


Our mission is for UKWSL to be the Waste Management Company of choice. We’re a different kind of corporate that cares without compromise.

Our passion is driven by:

The company was founded on these values and they will continue to remain at the heart of everything we do.

Core Values

UKWSL knows how important it is that our Customers, Employees, Suppliers or other interested parties are always treated well and that their experience of working with us or being part of our team is memorable for the right reasons. There is nothing wrong with being a large organisation, but we must never forget our basic principles and to matter how big we become, never lose sight of what is important.

This is what we mean by being a different kind of corporate. No matter how big an organisation becomes, it is made up of individual people. It is down to these people at all levels to use the advantages and efficiencies that being a bigger corporate can give but most importantly to remember the values, service, communication and respect that Customers, Employees, Suppliers and others who interact with the company require.

Big enough to cope, small enough to care