“We’ve said goodbye to wash room anxiety! Out sourcing our washroom servicing was one of the best decisions we’ve made in a while”

Improving your washroom environment and protecting the people who use these facilities is key to the services we provide.

We all know that visitors will judge us on the cleanliness of our facilities, washrooms are no exception!

We provide a national washroom hygiene solutions for all types of washrooms and organisations, regardless of size or location.

Tailored washroom hygiene solutions can be found for all of your washroom requirements and will meet your budget needs, tackle legislative issues and help you meet your sustainability targets.

As part of our additional washroom hygiene services range we offer the following services delivering the highest levels of hygiene whilst meeting the needs of the environment. Our services include:

• Cubicle service
• Air freshening
• Handcare services
• Vending services

Naturally, all our washroom services are managed with respect for the environment and in accordance with all legislation. We provide total service management for our customers.

Make the right impression!

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