“A Court has imposed a 14-month prison sentence on a man whose company dumped 114,000 tyres at Wishaw on a site near a hospital, homes and schools and which cost the public purse £437,000 to remove.”

– Brownfield Briefing

We work with leading specialists in tyre recycling across the UK and we have the experience, capability and technology to recycle or safely dispose of tyres.

The UK produces around 55 million waste tyres a year. If not properly reused, recycled or disposed then waste tyres:

• Impact on the environment
• Affect local communities
• Undermine legitimate businesses

Working closely with a manufacturing partner using state of the art technology, we produce a range of graded rubber crumb from waste tyres. In addition to engineering products, a fuel for efficient use in cement kilns and other high-energy applications is also manufactured from waste tyres.

We collect and recycle all forms of tyres and can promise an efficient, reliable and fully compliant solution to your tyre recycling requirements.

We will help you meet the demands on your business of increasingly complex environmental legislation.

Call 01636 640744 today and take the worry out of your tyre disposal arrangements.