“UKWSL have liberated us from the organizational burden of managing and compliance, they have systems in place for everything!”

Clinical waste removal comes in many forms. Methods of disposal for each type of clinical waste are clearly defined by regulations. With our extensive knowledge of UK regulation, we have developed a range of clinical waste solutions specifically to meet your needs and ensure that you are legally compliant.

We can help you find and implement the optimum medical waste services no matter how much clinical waste, offensive waste or hazardous waste you produce.

Defining clinical waste

Special Clinical Waste
The Special Waste Regulations 1996 and the Special Waste Amendment Regulations 2004 control hazardous clinical waste produced in Scotland.

Hazardous Waste
In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, any part of clinical waste that contains an infectious element is termed ‘hazardous Waste’.

Non-Hazardous Clinical Waste
Clinical waste that does not pose an infection danger and that does not include other materials that might make the waste hazardous, such as cytotoxic. The regulations require that a qualified professional ensures that the waste is truly non-hazardous by carrying out a stringent risk assessment.

Offensive Waste
Offensive waste is non-hazardous but still requires special labelling, storage and disposal.

Disposing of clinical waste

Colour Coding of Clinical Waste
Proper segregation of different types of clinical waste is critical to its safe disposal.

Clinical Waste Bins
We have a range of containers to suit every need.

Clinical Waste Bags
The bags we utilise are fully field-tested and proven to be easy to use, reliable and safe.

Clinical Washroom Products
The essential complement to safety and hygiene.

Sharps Disposal
The right container for correct disposal is essential. A sharps box can be used to dispose of almost any type of clinical waste in these UN-certified, rigid plastic containers.

Our extensive experience in hazardous waste, clinical waste and offensive waste disposal will reassure that you have fulfilled you Duty of Care obligation.

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