Hotel & Leisure

Our network of providers make it possible for us to offer the dedicated services that are required in the hotel and leisure, food & drink industry.

By using hotel waste management specialists we are able to focus on providing collections of cardboard, glass and plastic from locations that would normally be unable to benefit from such recycling services.

Your industry takes its corporate responsibilities very seriously. As major employers throughout the UK your sector has adopted sound business practices that dovetail with environmental legislation and responsibility.

Similarly our hospitality waste management policies are built on a balanced approach that makes business sense and will improve the future well being of the community.

We work closely with our customers to ensure that the services we offer are efficient, cost effective and practical.

The advice that we give influences the decisions that are made when trying to reduce packaging from the supply chain.

We advocate “back-loading” of large volumes of material to a central point where recyclables can be baled and dispatched for reprocessing. The impact of these processes enables the customer to meet its legal obligations and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.

This minimises the exposure to landfill tax and reduces the cost of waste disposal due to reduction in volume, added to this the customer can benefit from revenue generated from recycled materials.

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